Levante 0-5 Real Madrid (October 18, 2014) | La Liga, MD8

  • Ronaldo - 13’ p | 61’ (Isco assist)
  • Chicharito - 38’ (James assist)
  • James - 66’ (Kroos assist)
  • Isco - 82’ (Chicharito assist)

Match report | Highlights

Quotes: Ancelotti || Isco || Chicharito, Marcelo || Medrán


- Injury updates: Bale (glute) will reportedly be out for ~ 2 weeks so will miss Liverpool and Barcelona ; Modrić picked up a knock to his ankle, so his condition is being monitored.

- Ronaldo 1st player to score 15 goals in opening 8 match days

- 30 goals in 8 match days, not done in La Liga since RM did it in ‘87

- 1500+ fans travel to Valencia for the game.

- Isco notches 50 wins with the club.

- 200 goals under Ancelotti; 17 league goals in first 4 away games

Levante vs Real Madrid (October 18, 2014) | James 66’


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 July 7, 2014 Little Mix Livestream



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